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Did you know... Half of all countries do not have access to hospice and palliative care

Education and training resources

We provide a searchable database for courses and conferences, e-learning modules and updates on on developments in the wider field of training in palliative care.

Hospice and palliative care services and health professionals can also find local, national and regional education and training opportunities by contacting their national, regional and pan-national palliative care associations.


Search for courses and conferences

Our online training calendar includes courses and conferences in the UK.  You can search this by keyword (for example masters, online, lymphoedema) to find appropriate resources.


For international courses and conferences visit the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance website.


Online training


Help the Hospices free online course Current Learning in Palliative Care (CLIP) has 15-minute online tutorials on palliative care.


Introduction to palliative care nursing

CancerNursing.org's Introduction to palliative care nursing is a free online course that offers a general introduction to palliative care nursing. It includes self-assessment exercises.


Palliative Care Toolkit

Published by Help the Hospices, this guide is practical manual to equip, empower and encourage health workers in resource-limited settings to integrate palliative care into their work and their communities.


You can download a copy of the Palliative Care Toolkit and its individual chapters and tools for free. If you are interested in distributing the Toolkit in your region or country, please contact us.


The Palliative Care Toolkit has been translated into French, Spanish, Mandarin, Portuguese, Russian and Swahili. Copies can be downloaded from the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance website.


A Training Manual has been produced to accompany the Toolkit. It contains strucutures teaching modules and resources which can help others use the Toolkit.  A copy of the Training Manual can be downloaded from the Worldwide Palliative Care Alliance website.


Training for trainers

The EPEC Project (Education in Palliative and End-of-life Care) is a train-the-trainer programme covering palliative and end of life care. It offers access to educational materials, distance learning and information on conferences.


Further information

Find out more information on the our UK education and training and international education and training activities.